PLANNER REVIEW: MochiThings Brilliant Weekly Planner

Yuussss you heard that right! There’s a company called MochiThings! Mochi is a delectable rice cake type substance that most people in America recognize from frozen yogurt shops! MochiThings is a Korean office supplies company I stumbled a few months ago and I have been drooling over their products ever since then (like this SUPER cute wallet!).

One thing that really sticks out to me about their products is that they are functional, yet cute. They are based in Seattle and I have found their shipping to be lightning fast! Their customer service is phenomenal and they were so kind. I reached out to them about partnering for a review of the Brilliant Weekly Planner and they so generously said yes!

First things first, I ADORE what the front of this planner says. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” How true is that? Let’s focus on the things we can control and be the best in those spaces and the rest is out of our hands. That’s a great message to see before you open this cute little guy up.

One thing to be aware of with this planner is that it is on the smaller side. It’s a PERFECT size if you want something that has a weekly layout, yet isn’t too bulky to carry around. It’s totally the type of planner you can stick in your purse or backpack on the go. I chose the pink version, however, they have these planners in multiple types of colors and it’s definitely a gender-neutral option!

The outside cover is brilliantly sturdy and tough. I tried scratching it with my fake, acrylic nails to see how it would hold up and there were no markings at all!

The one thing that makes this planner stand out from others, is definitely the Project Plan piece of it. At the beginning, it has a 6-month layout for one half of the year and then the next page spread is the last 6 months of the year. Then, each month it has a monthly update section.


How cool is that?! And then the weekly layout is unlike any I had ever seen before. I love the big box at the top of each day and then the checklist underneath. Perfect for tracking big appointments you might have that day that you can put in the box and then making a list underneath! The top space would be great to use for a weekly quote or what your top 3 priorities are for that week.

And lastly, there is TONS of graph paper in the back section of this planner for notes, lists, things you want to remember, etc in the Free Note section.

Of course, I did a YouTube video review that’s more in depth. Check it out below!

I am GIVING this planner away and you can enter that below! Giveaway ends Saturday, February 25th at 11:59p PST!

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This Unhealthy Mindset is Leaving Thousands of Planners Unused Each Year

Can we please talk about an extremely detrimental mindset that we all struggle with? It’s something that is ever apparent at the beginning of the year especially when we’re all eager to change our lives and get things moving. We get PUMPED and are chomping at the bit to make change happen.

It’s the all or nothing mindset.

Either you’re going all in, or you’re not there at all. And I see it happen all the time with using planners too. Right now, this time of year is about the time when a lot of people fall off the planner bandwagon and let their planners gather dust in the corner. Maybe you’ve said something like this:

“Ah, well. I haven’t used this for weeks! Guess it’s no use since I stopped using it for a while.”

“Shoot. What a waste. All this paper is blank and it reminds me that yet again, I failed to create another habit.”

So, maybe this is you and you’re cringing at the thought of yet another, unused planner.

I’ve identified a few ways to help you actually use your planner. I knew for so long that a planner was a powerful tool that could help me be intentional with my life and give me peace of mind that I was getting the right things done. 

1. Make it a part of your routine

We all have routines, (whether we intentionally think about them or not). You have an order of getting ready for bed (wash face, floss, brush teeth, take vitamin, sleep). Or when you get in your car (get in, set down stuff, put water bottle in cupholder, turn on heat/AC, turn on radio, and go). Begin to think about making reviewing and writing in your planner every day. I plan my day in my planner in the mornings, right after I’m done doing my morning devotional time and reading. Then at night, I review it and write out thoughts, ideas, or reflections that I had that day. What time of day do you have a routine that you can take 5 minutes to write in it? 

  1. Put your planner where you’ll be triggered to use it

For me, this is on our TV tray in the mornings right where I have my Bible and devotional book. Right after I’m done with my devotional, it’s right there reminding me to look at it. I then write out my top 3 priorities for work and my personal life and any other pressing tasks that I want to get done. Maybe for you, this is your bathroom counter so when you’re getting ready in the mornings you’ll be reminded to write in it while you get ready for the day. Or maybe it’s your kitchen table so when you eat breakfast you can sit down and plan out your day. For some, they leave it on their desk at work so it’s right there, waiting for them when they start their workday.

  1. Kick perfectionism to the curb

Make it messy people! Your planner is for you and you alone. I love that my planner is my own little world where I get to reflect, ponder, dream, create and write without judgment. I make it cute, so it’s cozy for me to look at it and write in. I’ve heard people say, “I’m so scared to mess it up! What if I miss a day?!” But that’s the beauty of a planner is that gives you a clean slate every single day. (Just like we get in life!) Who cares if it’s messy at first? In fact, you’re going to mess it up, because you’re a human being.  We learn from our mistakes. So you may see that you really loved a habit tracker, but you found the top 3 exercise daunting and overwhelming. That’s ok! Pick and choose what works for you.  

I hope this encourages you, friend, to keep planning and never give up. Your life is worth living and being intentional with. You have things to create and people to meet. Let your planner help you get there! And if you’re not sure which planner to get, check out my Planner Index to see if there’s one that’s right for you!

5 SUPER Cute Planners for Under $20

If there’s one thing that’s overlooked about choosing a planner, it’s definitely choosing one that you will want to carry around. I was so happy when the planner world exploded because we have more options than ever on what planner to choose! As a girl who can’t get enough of cute stationery supplies and planner supplies, I’ve come across some absolutely adorable planners! The thing is though, is that sometimes these cute planners can be quite spendy. 😳 But have no fear! As a fellow girl who is also on a budget, I’ve come across some ways you create a super cute planner you LOVE using and love to show off when you carry it around. ✨

Studio Ghibli Planner ($19.90)

AHHHH. I flipped out when I saw these! I am a HUGE Studio Ghibli film (My Neighbor Totoro is my all time favorite movie) and was so excited when I stumbled across these on Amazon (Prime baby!). They not only have Kiki’s Delivery Service but Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro as well!

Molang Rabbit Any Year Planner ($9.99)

Isn’t this so cute?! This little guy is from a company in Korea but available via Amazon Prime too. They’re undated but have a large 2018-2019 calendar in the front, so that’s a bonus because you can start using it the day you get it! It’s perfect for carrying in your purse and keeping on your desk when you’re on the go. I used this a while back for our budget and absolutely loved it! It’s very minimal but very cute!


Hello Kitty 2018 2 Year Pocket Planner Calendar ($8.99)









Ok. if we’re being honest I am a bit of a nut when it comes to Hello Kitty. I even have a tattoo of her on my left forearm. 🙈 So this little guy is way cute and again, Amazon yo! This would be perfect for your budget, meal plans, family activities and even planning out content for your own blog! It’s also 2 years long so it’s a great, super fun option for any long-term planning you need to do while keeping things simple with just a monthly spread.

Happy Planner w/ Coupon ($10-$20)

If you love the feeling you get from being able to pick up and look through a planner before you buy it you are in luck! If you head down to your nearest JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby and Michaels they sell these gorgeous, fun, whimsical, and simple Happy Planners! If you use their 40% off coupon you can get a discount on them both in-store or online. Often this coupon (most stores will only let you use them on full price items) will knock the price down significantly and make it more affordable and maybe so you can even get some stickers, sticky notes, and bookmarks that match!

Target Dollar Spot

Can we just take a minute to thank the good Lord for Target’s Dollar Spot?! They have loads of crazy adorable planner supplies! Every time I walk in I have found tons of not just really awesome stickers and planner accessories, but actual planners themselves! YAS QUEEN. They usually sell inserts as well. So you can walk out Target with a planner, inserts, accessories and more for easily under $20, if not $15!


I hope this was helpful to get you to see that you don’t need to spend tons of money to create/have a planner you love and that you love planning in. There are tons of options out there that can help you plan out your life and create the lifestyle you want to live!

What the HECK is • bullet journaling • and why is it so popular?!

You’ve seen it before on Instagram. . .

You’ve heard your super organized friend mention it over and over again. . .

Maybe you’ve looked it up before and decided that the seemingly complex system just wasn’t for you?

It’s safe to say, bullet journaling is in. It’s swept the planner community by full force and has even seeped its way out into the lives of many other communities and busy professionals

Today I wanted to break it down for you and help you see that you don’t have to do bullet journaling any one way. 🧐 In fact, the most successful planning systems I’ve seen successful people use have been pieced together from various systems they’ve tried over the years. And bullet journaling has a lot of simple concepts that you can pull from to help you in your everyday planning.

Ok, the basics:

    1. TASK LIST
      The method of bullet journaling is focused on a list. Often, people use journals or notebooks with graph paper to help their writing stay in line. The symbols can go in no particular order and follow this code:
        A dot represents a task that needs to be completed (a “to do” if you will)
      A hyphen represents notes from meetings you were in or an observation you made, thoughts you had, and ideas (I’ve even used this to write down song lyrics or poems I had stuck in my head that day!)
      o An open dot represents an event that is happening that day that is scheduled or one you want to remember
      > The more than sign is then put over at the end of a bullet at the end of a day that represents a task that you migrated to your task list for tomorrow. Womp! Nah, it happens to all of us!
      < The less than sign over a bullet at the end of your day represents a task that is scheduled
      An x over your dot simply means that your task is accomplished! Yasss queen!
      There’s more to this if you want to get really complex with it! You can read more about the signifiers on the official bullet journal website here.
    2. INDEX
      Ok, so the task system is the meat of the bullet journal. But these next few pieces are what ties the entire method together. The Index should be on the first few pages of your journal or notebook. It basically acts like a table of contents and reference point for your journal. So if you want to remember when you went to New York City for vacation and what you did there, you put those page #’s here.
      On the next two page spreads, you’ll separate them into 3 different sections on each page. These should add up to 12 different sections for each month of the year (snazzy, huh?). Here is where you can put birthdays, anniversaries and big events you have throughout the year. It sort of takes place of a yearly spread in a normal planner.
      The next set of pages will be an entire page spread devoted to one month. On the left-hand side, write the month at the top and then write the date of each day down on the left-hand side. Some people like to know which day of the week each day is, so next to each day you can write the first letter of that day (M for Monday, Th for Thursday, F for Friday, etc.) So each date will look like: 23 – Th. Here is where you can use this as a monthly task list to brain dump dates on the left-hand page and then write corresponding tasks on right-hand page.


And that’s pretty much it! So as you can see, it can be really overwhelming at first and some people find it too complex to use the entire system. I’ve adapted the task list portion of it for my every day use and find it really easy to track! I’ve tried to do the entire system before and honestly, was not a fan of how much time it took me to set up each portion. I am a huge fan of planners with neat, minimalistic layouts that give me pieces of my day to organize and bullet journaling required me to do a lot of work to incorporate that element into my planning.

See my YouTube video below where I check out my FAVORITE journal and notebook of all time, the Leuchtturm 1917 Hardcover Dotted journal and talk a little bit more about bullet journaling!

What do you think?! Could this be a system you use? Or pieces of it you’ll steal for your own planning? I’m all about begging, borrowing and stealing pieces of systems to create what works best for you!

Planner Review: Travelers Notebooks!

When you hear the word Traveler’s Notebook, you probably think of some awesome, Hobbit-like, mysterious traveler who has their trusty old leather-bound notebook that has been with them on all their adventures.🧙‍♂️

And you’re right! That’s definitely what they are. These types of planners have EXPLODED in the planner world – and for good reason! They’re also very customizable, sturdy and great for creative planners who want to have a small section/insert in their planner for every part of their life.

These planners can be overwhelming if you’re a beginner planner and need a daily layout or weekly spread to walk you through your planning process, or if you’re still figuring out what your planning style is. It’s also really easy to spend lots of money on these bad boys too, decking them out with inserts, dashboards (the first page you see of a section or when you open your TN), paperclips, bookmarks, dividers, etc!

Here are a few places to get your own:

Foxy Fix

Amazon (Free 2 Day Shipping with Prime!)

Chic Sparrow

Here’s my YouTube review of a TN I bought from Portland Leather Goods! Another bonus is a lot of companies will stamp your name, initials, or whatever you’d like onto the outside of your TN! 😍

I mean, is there really anything like a trusty, quality product that holds up yet shows all your loving wear and tear on it as it goes with you through everyday life? There’s tons of appeal with TN’s for that type of feel and look!

Well, what do you think Planner Peeps? Would a TN work for you or be too much? Maybe someday you see yourself easing into using it? Let me know in the comments below!

How I Use My Planner For Our Budget

Something I just love about having a planner is that it can help capture my thoughts, keep me on track and help me see ahead! When I started to utilize my planner to help me with our budget it became a game changer and gave me so much more clarity on what money needed to do what and go where. This system is simple, takes a few steps and involves a monthly layout, which most planners have!

A fresh start in my Hobonichi Cousin (A5). 😍

Use the side of your monthly layout to list out allllll your monthly bills. I don’t include categories that fluctuate or that we pull cash out for (gas, food, fun money, pets, etc.). List out recurring monthly expenses like utilities, phone bill, insurance, student loan payments, Netflix subscriptions, etc.

Next, go through each bill and look up its due date and the amount that will be due. (If you’re not sure, it’s ok to estimate it!) Then, find the day it’s due and write in the name of the bill and the amount owed.

Next, write out the days of the month that you get paid. You can always ask the bookkeeper at your work for a list of dates that your paycheck will be deposited or when they plan to write checks if you’re not sure!

Now, as you get paid, you can look ahead and see what bills are due before the next time you get a paycheck. As you pay your bills, cross them off in your monthly layout and on the list on the side.

More than anything, make your budget and planning as easy as can be. Some tips that we have found helpful:

– Use envelopes for categories that you tend to overspend in (for us, it’s always FOOD!). If you hate the hassle of envelopes, they make adorable wallets like these that help keep your cash separate!

– If you’re married and both working, sit down, write out your expenses and see if you can live off of one income.

– If you can, assign each paycheck a job! For instance: the first paycheck of the month will go towards your bills and necessities (pull cash for food money, gas money for the month, etc) and the second will go towards savings or debt payments and paying down debt. If you have side hustles or income, you can then use that money towards fun things like dates, entertainment, etc.

– If you struggle to pay your bills throughout the month with the timing of a paycheck, call the company and see if they will move the due date of your bill. (We’ve done this before and have found most companies want your money and are willing to make things easier for you! 🤑)

– As you go throughout your days and you think of something you need to budget for with your next paycheck, make a note of it in your planner on that day and use the $ sign before it. That way, when you get paid you can look back and see what you need to remember to budget money for and not forget.

– Now that you have written out what days you get paid, make a note/task for the day BEFORE you get paid to write out your budget for that paycheck. That way when the money hits your account, you already have jobs assigned for your dollars.

– Get cute STICKERS! Goodness, budgeting can be stressful and overwhelming at first. Make it fun with stickers like these:
o KeenaPrints
o Sweet Kawaii Design
o MonsterMomentsCo
o Erin Condren

I’d love to know, how do you use your planner with your budget? Do you pair the two together or keep them seperate? Tell me in the comments below!

Just remember, budgeting is a habit that takes time to perfect and it takes a while to find systems that work for you. Like anything, if you stick with it, you will figure it out eventually! You can do it!



Planner Review: Chalene Johnson’s PUSH Journals!

Hey, hey, peeps!

2018. Is. All. Most. Here! I can’t wait! It’s going to be an incredible year.

With a new year brings lots of goal setting and sometimes goal setting can be really, really hard for some people (like me!).

A few years ago Chalene Johnson released her book PUSH that has a 30-day system walking you through her goal-setting process that she’s taught for years. She finally made some journals to go with it!

I went ahead and did a video review of them, which you should note – are the old version! She just released a new set that took into account all of the customer feedback she got on the first round of journals.

I love these 30 day journals, because they’re undated (she doesn’t want you to feel like if you don’t use it for one day, you need to throw the entire journal out the window), have lots of health tracking options (diet, water, exercise, sleep) and make it so your goals are aligned with your priorities. Sometimes, we set goals but then don’t know where we’re supposed to fit them into our hectic schedules, but Chalene’s system really helps you narrow down what’s out of whack, what needs focus and where you want to grow in your life.

I made some adjustments to mine and took it down to Office Depot to see if they could make it ring bound instead of the hard spine bounding. It took about 5 minutes and only cost me $2-$3! The new plastic coils do go into some of the writing, but not enough to bug me or make it unusable.

If you are someone who likes to see the whole picture or year, needs to plan things out months in advance, then I wouldn’t recommend these journals for that type of planning. These are a really great option if you’re someone who just needs to take it day by day, but need a guide or system to stay on track towards your health and goals!


Check out more pictures of it and snag your own copy here in the Planner Index.

What do you think? Would this planner help you? What would you change about it? 

How to Find the Perfect Planner for Your Life

As the new year approaches, we all love to start things fresh and new with a new slate! And for many people, that includes buying a brand new planner too.

The planner industry has exploded over the past few years and it seems like everyone is coming out with their own planner and major brands are bigger than ever. That being said, it can be really overwhelming to find one that works for you. Often, we buy planners thinking that it will finally be the one or the product that helps us get organized and reach our goals. But there’s a need to be intentional and think through your decision, so you don’t end up wasting money and feeling guilty you bought yet again, another planner you didn’t use. Here are a few ways you can filter out which planners are not the right fit for you and which ones are!

  1. Lifestyle

This is key when finding the right planner. Each and every one of us has different schedules, priorities, and goals and our planners need to align with this! For instance, I have a very flexible schedule that allows me to work whenever and I rarely have time-sensitive meetings or appointments, so many planners with hourly layouts like the Passion Planner just don’t work for me! I’d rather have room to scribble down notes, ideas or important tasks I need to make sure I get done that day. When I was in college though, I fluctuated between the Passion Planner and the Plum Paper Student Planners as their layouts are created and suited with students in mind and are more schedule focused. 

Another example is a stay at home mom who has 5 kids in 5 different activities might need to plan out her day hour by hour, so something like the Purposeful Planner or the Day Designer work great for her so she can keep all her plates spinning as she takes it day by day. 

Take time to think through your days. What stresses or bums you out? What do you need more clarity on with your schedule? Would a planner with a monthly layout help you budget your bills? Will a planner with a daily layout help you stay focused and take it one step at a time, but still allow you to plan ahead with appointments? Find a planner that has a layout that’s conducive to your lifestyle and make it work for you, don’t work to make it fit into your life!

2. Style/Color Scheme

This is also very important, as you want to be carrying this thing around with you everywhere! I recently switched over to a Hobonichi and to be honest, the outside covers of it aren’t pleasing to the eye or my style at all. So I hopped over to AliExpress and bought a $20 unicorn cover for it and now I can’t help but take it everywhere with me! Some prefer planners with more modern and professional style like a Filofax or like Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner. Some prefer simplistic styles with splashes of color like MochiThings planners. Others prefer complete control over the aesthetic of their planner so a good old-fashioned Moleskine and Bullet Journaling works well for them (although, when I was bullet journaling I fell in LOVE with the Leuchtturm 1917 journals). And of course – there’s some that prefer wild, crazy, fun colors so the classic Erin Condren and Lily Pulitzer planners are right up their alley.

3. No Such Thing, Jellybean

It’s time we all accepted that there is no such thing as a perfect planner. Sorry to bait and switch ya, but it’s true! The planner itself is a guide to helping you plan out your days and weeks, but it’s up to you to stick to it and find what works for you. Don’t be afraid to get messy and write and make mistakes in your planner! If it’s dated, you will never be on that same date ever again, so go for it.

Take your time, breathe and explore your options. Rushed decisions are rarely ones we are happy with later and the same goes for choosing the right planner for you. Your unicorn planner is out there, I promise! 🦄

So tell me in the comments below, what’s your biggest struggle when looking for the right planner? I wanna know! 🙂

Planner Review: Happy Planner Mini Fitness Tracker

Few things are as fun as being able to look back and see the progress that you’ve made.

It’s pure insanity to set goals for yourself and not be able to see metrics for accomplishments you make along the way, ESPECIALLY in fitness.

Today, I’m sharing with you my review of the Happy Planner’s Mini Fitness Tracker.

Happy Planners are a great option for those that want to be able to insert and take out different pieces of their planner and accessories, without being stuck to a ring bound format. They’re incredibly popular and attainable at local craft stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Joanne’s! (Don’t forget to bring your 30-40% off coupon with you when you go to buy one! Coupons can be found on each stores site and help knock off a few bucks!)

As the New Year approaches us, many folks nobly include health in their New Years resolutions. However, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It’s no wonder people show up at the gym and wander aimlessly for the first 3-4 days and then never show their faces again. And it’s also no wonder that people go on insanely strict diets that are impossible to keep up with. They don’t have a plan. Not knowing what to do is never a fun feeling. I’m all for winging it, except for the really important pieces of life and your health is one of those pieces. 

Don’t be that guy next year, ok?!

This planner allows you to track/plan your workouts, steps and log your food. But honestly, I think my favorite component of it are the reflection pages at the end of each month, that have a spot for you to post a picture of your progress, reflect on a few fitness related questions and rate yourself on how well you stuck to your plan or progressed for that month!

There’s also a regular, full-size, option as well that you can find here. I chose to purchase and review the mini version, as it seemed much easier for me to keep it on my desk and in my purse on the go! Or, you can even keep it in your gym bag for the end of your workout, you can fill out your workout progress and see what you have planned for your meals that day.

As always, here’s a YouTube review of the 2017 version I started using, just for you, planner peeps!

What do you think? How would you utilize this planner or see it helping you in your wellness journey?

What a CrossFit Coach Taught Me About Anxiety

Do you want to know something I hate?

It’s what I can’t control. It makes my anxiety go through the roof. When it’s at it’s worst I have to close my eyes as I feel my world spin out of control. It’s honestly one of the better reasons of why I am so committed to having a planner, if I can prepare and plan, I can ease my mind of some of the worst-case scenarios that might happen.

As I’ve gotten older, my anxiety gets better and better as I learn to let go of things. A few weeks ago, I read a book that really reaffirmed that letting go of what you can’t control is a good muscle to build.

For some weird reason, I have become obsessed with CrossFit athletes and coaches and how they approach their sport. Particularly with CrossFit coach Ben Bergeron who has coached Mat Fraser (2x Mens CrossFit Games champion) and Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir (she is pretty much an Icelandic princess who can kick your butt, but also has won the CrossFit Games twice as well). I was so eager to read his book, Chasing Excellence to learn more about his approach to coaching some of the fittest people in the world.

I was pleasantly surprised to read that he is really focused on not winning, not being the best, but giving your best regardless of the leaderboard. He touches on positivity and how weaknesses are fun because they give us a chance to get better and to become our strengths. But one chapter in particular really stuck out to me as someone who struggles with anxiety, and that was the chapter on Control.

As Ben coaches these athletes, over and over again he reinforces that they have 5 things they focus on and give their all in:

  1. Recovery
  2. Nutrition
  3. Sleep
  4. Training
  5. Mindset


Ben talks about an exercise he does with his athletes right before the Games, where he has them list out everything that could possibly go wrong at the CrossFit games. This past year with 3 of his athletes, their list had a total of 101 items on it. They went through the entire list and anything they could control got a plan and the things they couldn’t control were erased from their minds.

(Small circle are things they can control, big circle are things they cannot)

I absolutely love this quote from the chapter:
“A huge piece of chasing excellence is attention to tiny details, but the key distinction is that you pay attention to the right details, the ones within your control and the over which you have power. Most people go through life having no idea what they can actually control. They’re concerned about a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean they control those things. Many people struggle to recognize the difference between the two. Imagine a book of matches. A typical matchbook has twenty matches, and together they represent all your energy for the day. Energy is a finite resource; once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. If you burn through your matchsticks on things that are outside your control, you have less energy for the things you can control — things that can actually move the needle on your performance.”

Wow. I don’t know about you, but I breathed a sigh of relief after I read that. How many of my restless nights have I spent staying awake, wondering what will happen? Thinking out all the worst case scenarios that have literally never come close to happening?

I think that’s why planners are so important for us control freaks and those like me who are ridden with anxiety. The things in our outer circle that are out of control, we let go. We can prepare, but minimally as you just never know. And the things in our inner circle get a plan. Those plans get written down in our planners and we live them out, giving our best and achieving excellence. I love this approach because it reinforces what my heart has been telling me all these years and that is that a life without intentionality is a life wasted. My planner helped me see that no intentions = going everywhere but nowhere at the same time. It’s like running a race but zig-zagging the entire way there and getting off track, never crossing the finish line.

Planners can help us with the plans we need and they hold us accountable to action. They also help us be realistic about what we can control. No, we can’t control that it will rain on this day, but we can control planning and preparing for it. No, we can’t control if someone is serving junk food and sweets at a party, but we can control eating a good, healthy dinner before we go and bringing nutritious snacks with us to eat along the way, helping your nutrition stay on track. No, we can’t control the poor decisions that a friend or family member makes, but when we show up in their lives, we can love them well and be there fully.

What is it that you’re trying to hold control of that you really shouldn’t? What is it that terrifies you that you know is incredibly unlikely to happen? Don’t spend 80% of your matches burning through energy and emotions on the things that won’t happen, burn through your matches giving your best every day, no matter what your doing and success will follow after.