Planner Review: Travelers Notebooks!

When you hear the word Traveler’s Notebook, you probably think of some awesome, Hobbit-like, mysterious traveler who has their trusty old leather-bound notebook that has been with them on all their adventures.🧙‍♂️

And you’re right! That’s definitely what they are. These types of planners have EXPLODED in the planner world – and for good reason! They’re also very customizable, sturdy and great for creative planners who want to have a small section/insert in their planner for every part of their life.

These planners can be overwhelming if you’re a beginner planner and need a daily layout or weekly spread to walk you through your planning process, or if you’re still figuring out what your planning style is. It’s also really easy to spend lots of money on these bad boys too, decking them out with inserts, dashboards (the first page you see of a section or when you open your TN), paperclips, bookmarks, dividers, etc!

Here are a few places to get your own:

Foxy Fix

Amazon (Free 2 Day Shipping with Prime!)

Chic Sparrow

Here’s my YouTube review of a TN I bought from Portland Leather Goods! Another bonus is a lot of companies will stamp your name, initials, or whatever you’d like onto the outside of your TN! 😍

I mean, is there really anything like a trusty, quality product that holds up yet shows all your loving wear and tear on it as it goes with you through everyday life? There’s tons of appeal with TN’s for that type of feel and look!

Well, what do you think Planner Peeps? Would a TN work for you or be too much? Maybe someday you see yourself easing into using it? Let me know in the comments below!

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