3 Ways Your Planner Can Help You in Times of Distress

Last week, I received some news that dramatically changed my day to day life and affected me and my family in multiple ways.

It left me angry, frustrated, sad, happy, confused and questioning why. I was a ball of emotions. The day after I received the news, I didn’t follow my normal routine. I really wasn’t sure what to do. I felt so off the entire day. My head was all over the place.

The next morning, I opened my planner to the beginning pages and felt instant peace. Here’s why:


In my planner, I have written down affirmations of who I am and the person I want to become. It has helped me tremendously remember in times of distress what defines me and what doesn’t. And studies show, what we focus on is what we become in the end. My affirmations include things like: “I am a good wife. I am wonderfully made. I am beautiful. I am loved by God and my family. I am safe. God has great plans and a purpose for me.” They may seem really “woo-woo” at first, but I promise you that it will change your life after reading them day after day! Head over to my Pinterest board and pick out some affirming truths to add to your planner. After I read through my affirmations I felt centered and remembered who I was and who I am striving to be.


Image from @chibird on Instagram


During my morning routine after I read through my affirmations I move on to my goals. My goals are 90 days long and I use the PUSH goal system from Chalene Johnson. The news I received actually hadn’t changed my goals at all, which was a relief as I am really close to achieving some of them this round! Studies have also shown that reviewing your goals every day is extremely beneficial and keeps you on track. You can also compare your goals to your to-do list you have written down. You might find that they compare very well or they contrast! Reviewing my goals helps me stay focused on the short-term target instead of pining after an ambitious year-long goal or the dreaded. . . New Years Resolutions! 


Lately, I’ve realized that I am TERRIFIED to write down exactly what I want my life to look like. Would I want it to be too big, too much? Would that make me turn into a greedy, rich, unhappy person? Or perhaps I would want too little, leaving me to die wishing I had done more or helped more people. (These are the things that I think about at night, ha! Thank youuuu anxiety and being a worry wart.). So a few months ago, unprompted, I just sat down and blocked out everything that had gone on that day and just dreamed. I wrote down what my daily routine would look like, I wrote down what kind of friends I would have, what my house looked like, what my job/sources of income were and what kind of person I was. It was so freeing and I could sum it all up in 5 sentences. Some people call this a CRAFL (a Crazy, Ridiculous, Amazing, Fun, Life). I remember studying the “magic question” in college as well when I was majoring in Psychology that would help people dream again. The question is, “If your life could look like or be anything in 5 years, what would that be?” This is a similar question you can ask if thinking long term is too overwhelming (I know it is for me, certainly!). After reviewing this I realized that this news didn’t totally set me all the way off the train tracks on the way to creating the vision I have for my life (like it certainly felt it had).

Reviewing these 3 things (affirmations, goals, and your vision) can be incredibly beneficial to keeping you on track, especially when we get hit out of nowhere with news or circumstances out of our control! Affirmations especially can help anchor us to who we are and what we are here for, despite what the world or our circumstances tell us.

I encourage you and dare you (oh, shoot!) to try reviewing one of the 3 types of daily review exercises above and see what it can do for your life. Tell me in the comments below, which one will you add to your planner and daily routine?