How I Use My Hobonichi Techo Notebook: Part 2 – Weekly Layout

Hey, Planner Peeps!

Last week we chatted on how I use the monthly layout in my Hobonichi.  I got some great feedback on it and so appreciate it whenever you guys let me know what you like seeing on the blog!

This week we’re panning over to the weekly layout, which I use mainly for a habit tracker! I’ve found that as a human, we thrive on routines and our habits make up a big part of those. My body thrives and my mind thrives when it knows what to expect next. Even though some people claim, “Ah, my personality thrives off of spontaneity!” that may be true, but as you go throughout your day – you’ll realize you have habits and routines established that you might not have even been intentional about. My habit tracker in my Hobonichi has taught me a lot. A few of these things being:

  • I’m not so diligent about some habits and I’m way more diligent about others

  • It’s all about progress, not perfection!

  • Some habits matter more to my productivity than others


By the way, did you know I have a Pinterest board dedicated exclusively to planner layouts and ideas? I’ve found lots of great ideas from there and when it comes to ideas for your planner, I’m all about borrowing and stealing ideas from others!


I write down the habits I want to keep track of that week and then fill in the boxes on that line for the corresponding day. Super easy to put together and there’s something about coloring in boxes that I find soothing. Don’t judge me.

Basically, I started out with a really small habit and that was drinking a glass of water. Don’t try to create 10 different habits at once, as most of us New Year Resolutioners know, it gets overwhelming quick! Most healthy habits are building blocks of small steps you can take each week to get better and better. Did you notice I’m at 8,000 steps a day but everyone makes a big hullabaloo about 10,000? I’m not quite there yet – but soon will be!

When I wanted to started to drinking more water, I challenged myself to just start drinking a glass right when I wake up every morning (did you know that 80% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Water is so important!). It’s also important to make sure your habits are measurable and not just general (for instance, read a chapter of a book, drink 80 oz., 8,000 steps, etc! Also, to see how much water you should drink every day, take your body weight and cut it in half and then that’s how much in ounces. So 200lbs = 100 ounces of water a day).

I then usually write and track these in the morning or night and look over what habits I am doing well on and which ones I could use a little push on. I’ve found tracking these to be really helpful and notice that when I don’t have a good week (or my anxiety feels overwhelming), it’s usually contributed to by not sticking to my routine and habits!

Do you have a habit tracker? There’s a lot of bullet journal peeps that are big into them since they’re so easy to create and make your own layout for! Do you find tracking your habits overwhelming or helpful? I wanna know!