How I Use My Hobonichi Techo Notebook: Part 3 – Daily Layout

Hey, friends!

This week wraps up a 3 part series on how I use and utilize my Hobonichi for everyday planning! This week we are focusing on the daily layout section.

If I’m being fully honest, I have a few key things I drop in my daily layout but other than that, it’s a free for all!

Each morning a part of my morning routine is to write out my PUSH goal at the top of the page for that quarter. I also write out a Scripture at the bottom of the page that I want to be reminded of that day. These Scriptures I usually pull from the ones assigned from the Jesus Calling devotional.

I truly am not one of those folks that feels the need to plan out every single minute of my day. That type of planning stresses me the heck out! Besides, my daily routine is pretty much the same day to day with a little bit of variance depending on the day of the week. If I do have an appointment, I often will write that down in the small hourly section on the left hand side of the daily layout and plan my day around that building block. 

I often will also write out my top 3 tasks that I absolutely have to get done that day. Those tasks are the ones I usually work on first and get out of the way. The rest of my list is just icing on the cake.

A few other pieces I include are my husbands work schedule (we only have ever had one car our entire marriage, so I need to take him to work and plan on picking him up!), what I plan on doing for a workout that day and then what I plan on making for dinner. Those all go at the bottom in their own special place.

Here’s an example of a typical day in my daily layout section:


You also will find that I leave room often in my daily layout as a catch all.  From budgeting to notes to some catchy song lyrics I need to get out of my head, I like having some breathing room to write it all down.

That wraps up this 3 piece series!  hope this helps you see that there is no “right” way to use your planner. You are the only one who uses it, sees it and cares about it. So make it your own and do what works best for you.

And here is a YouTube video going over my entire planner system too!