Planner Review: Chalene Johnson’s PUSH Journals!

Hey, hey, peeps!

2019. Is. All. Most. Here! I can’t wait! It’s going to be an incredible year.

With a new year brings lots of goal setting and sometimes goal setting can be really, really hard for some people (like me!).

A few years ago Chalene Johnson released her book PUSH that has a 30-day system walking you through her goal-setting process that she’s taught for years. She finally made some journals to go with it!

I went ahead and did a video review of them, which you should note – are the old version! She just released a new set that took into account all of the customer feedback she got on the first round of journals.

I love these 30 day journals, because they’re undated (she doesn’t want you to feel like if you don’t use it for one day, you need to throw the entire journal out the window), have lots of health tracking options (diet, water, exercise, sleep) and make it so your goals are aligned with your priorities. Sometimes, we set goals but then don’t know where we’re supposed to fit them into our hectic schedules, but Chalene’s system really helps you narrow down what’s out of whack, what needs focus and where you want to grow in your life.


I made some adjustments to mine and took it down to Office Depot to see if they could make it ring bound instead of the hard spine bounding. It took about 5 minutes and only cost me $2-$3! The new plastic coils do go into some of the writing, but not enough to bug me or make it unusable.

If you are someone who likes to see the whole picture or year, needs to plan things out months in advance, then I wouldn’t recommend these journals for that type of planning. These are a really great option if you’re someone who just needs to take it day by day, but need a guide or system to stay on track towards your health and goals!

What do you think? Would this planner help you? What would you change about it?