PLANNER REVIEW: MochiThings Brilliant Weekly Planner

Yuussss you heard that right! There’s a company called MochiThings! Mochi is a delectable rice cake type substance that most people in America recognize from frozen yogurt shops! MochiThings is a Korean office supplies company I stumbled a few months ago and I have been drooling over their products ever since then (like this SUPER cute wallet!).

One thing that really sticks out to me about their products is that they are functional, yet cute. They are based in Seattle and I have found their shipping to be lightning fast! Their customer service is phenomenal and they were so kind. I reached out to them about partnering for a review of the Brilliant Weekly Planner and they so generously said yes!


First things first, I ADORE what the front of this planner says. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” How true is that? Let’s focus on the things we can control and be the best in those spaces and the rest is out of our hands. That’s a great message to see before you open this cute little guy up.

One thing to be aware of with this planner is that it is on the smaller side. It’s a PERFECT size if you want something that has a weekly layout, yet isn’t too bulky to carry around. It’s totally the type of planner you can stick in your purse or backpack on the go. I chose the pink version, however, they have these planners in multiple types of colors and it’s definitely a gender-neutral option!

The outside cover is brilliantly sturdy and tough. I tried scratching it with my fake, acrylic nails to see how it would hold up and there were no markings at all!

The one thing that makes this planner stand out from others, is definitely the Project Plan piece of it. At the beginning, it has a 6-month layout for one half of the year and then the next page spread is the last 6 months of the year. Then, each month it has a monthly update section.


How cool is that?! And then the weekly layout is unlike any I had ever seen before. I love the big box at the top of each day and then the checklist underneath. Perfect for tracking big appointments you might have that day that you can put in the box and then making a list underneath! The top space would be great to use for a weekly quote or what your top 3 priorities are for that week.


And lastly, there is TONS of graph paper in the back section of this planner for notes, lists, things you want to remember, etc in the Free Note section.

Of course, I did a YouTube video review that’s more in depth. Check it out below!