The Two Types of Planners

The biggest question I get alllll the time is this: “What kind of planner should I get?” and my first question to that question is this: “What does your daily lifestyle look like?”

That’s because I firmly believe that a planner that’s right for one lifestyle may not be suited well to another. It’s OK to get discouraged and overwhelmed at all the planners at there, but I firmly believe that if you don’t give up and you keep searching, you WILL find a planner that’s well suited to you and can you help you get organized. Lets start with the two types first.

The first type of planner are ones that are pre-formatted. Essentially, they walk you through pieces of your day and tell you exactly what to do. This type of planning is GREAT for beginner planners who need help figuring out their style, systems and what they need to be productive! Some examples of these types of planners include:

Day Designer


Then, there’s planners that only have the dates and aren’t pre-formatted at all. They contain blank pages with the dates or, they’re journals that are an open book, free for you to format and use however you want. These planners are awesome if you know what you need to write down, need a lot of space (like me!) or you want flexibility and freedom in your planning to choose and move strategies as you go. Some examples of these types of planners include:

Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted Pages Notebook


Now that you’ve viewed some options, which planner do you think can suit you better or help you stay more on track? I’d love to hear in the comments below! And don’t forget, once you’ve purchased your planner, don’t forget to sign up for my 5 day free email course on getting started!