If you’re a small business owner, digital entrepreneur, or freelancer, I know that you have a LOT on your plate. Social media, email, sales copy, speaking gigs, parenting, marriage, working out, eating healthy, friendships, personal development, podcasting. . . It just never seems to end and you always find yourself wishing you had more time in the day. But, what if I told you, that I had a secret potion that could help you get more time?

Here’s the secret. . . It’s me! I currently am offering my virtual assistant skills full time. I’m your gal that you can trust to get tasks done. I have 5 years of administrative experience and being an assistant under my belt. I’ve done it all. . . From ordering pizza to be delivered ASAP for some person in Canada (after they jokingly asked on Twitter), to getting an inbox from 10,000 emails to zero (and keeping it that way each day), to tracking down the address of a rock star to send them a copy of a client’s latest book. I’ve done it all. However, my secret sauce lies in email and project management! Let’s get you out of the day to day grind of your business and back into doing what you love.

There’s no need for you to be local for us to work together, the internet makes MANY things possible! My packages are as follows:

🌮 TACO PACKAGE 🌮 ($300 a month and up)

  • Customer support/inbox management for one inbox

This is a great option if you’re a small business owner or freelancer and just need some help with that pesky inbox of yours! Together we will create a system that makes it so I maintain and organize your inbox each day. You will only need to check your inbox once a day and respond to what’s necessary. I’ll take care of the rest!

🌯 BURRITO PACKAGE 🌯 ($650 a month and up)

  • Inbox support for up to two inboxes

  • Invoices & contracts

This package is a great fit as well for freelancers or solopreneurs who need help with the day to day management so they can focus solely on the services and products they’re delivering and customizing. I’ll handle the client communication and questions, along with sending out invoices, contracts, and then making sure those contracts and invoices are paid and signed. I’ll route any inquiries and leads that come through the inbox to where they need to go (while also referring them out if they’re not a good fit). We can also create a project management system for you that you maintain, but we both work together to set it up for you.

🍽️ THE WHOLE ENCHILADA 🍽️ ($1,000 a month and up)

  • Support for up to two inboxes

  • Invoices & contracts

  • Project Management

This package is a perfect fit for any business owner who sells digital products and services. Essentially, it’s the burrito package, but we take it one step further to make it so at a glance, you know what you need to work on next. That’s it! I take care of the rest. This really is the whole enchilada. :)


Taquito ($250)

  • An inbox overhaul, including creating a system for you to maintain yourself and also a personalized video walking you through how to make sure your inbox is kept and stays at 0 at the end of each day.

Rice and Beans ($300)

  • A project management system, created by me but customized for you! Includes a video walking you through how to maintain your system from beginning of a project to end.

Chips and Salsa ($250 and up)

  • Going on vacation? Having a baby? Have no fear! I’m here to help. It can be scary leaving your inbox and projects, even when you do plan ahead! Sure, you can create an autoresponder, but why not have someone who cares about your business as much as you do in your inbox each day, making sure nothing falls through the cracks and that each inquiry/customer gets routed to where exactly they need to go?

Here’s what some clients have had to say:

“Leaving on a cruise ship with absolutely no way to check emails sounds like . . . well, a vacation—unless you’re an entrepreneur. No email communication for a week means being unable to help current clients or to start conversations with new ones. Thankfully, I hired Lorna Bailey to cover this huge stressor for me, and boy was I relieved. When new clients filled out my contact form, she quickly emailed them to let them know I was out of the country, when I’d return, and what they could do while they waited. The coolest part was coming home from vacation and not feeling a huge burden on my shoulders when I opened my email inbox. Everything was organized and starred. It was definitely a wonderful investment. No hair-pulling for me.” — Shayla Raquel, Editor, Author, Marketer

“Lorna has proven to be invaluable, intuitive and oh-so-kind. Thank you!” — Marion Roach Smith, Author & Teacher

“When it comes to creating order from chaos and organizing the impossible, I don’t know a better professional than Lorna. She’s efficient, friendly, dependable, and will make sure nothing falls through the cracks.” – KC Procter, Freelance Project Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist

“Almost all the systems that make my life and work easier and better came from Lorna.” — Jeff Goins, Bestselling Author, Speaker & Blogger

If we sound like a match, I’d LOVE to chat! Fill out the form below and lets get stuff done!

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